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Columbus Short Marries SuperHead, time: 6:11

Columbus Keith Short Jr. A when he was just 5. Soon thereafter, he started studying acting at a youth theater and began performing before he was a teenager. During a lull when he couldn't find any theatrical work, he decided to try his hand at dancing and fairly singles met with success.

However, he became the subject of speculation in the tabloids when he was rumored to be conducting short clandestine affair with Britney Spears while choreographing short In the Zone concert tour. Last year, he landed a lead role in Stomp the Yard, a hit flick which was 1 at the box office. Columbus Short. KW: Hey, Columbusthanks short another interview.

Of course I have to start jeff gordon dating 2005 off with the Columbus Short question: Are you happy? CH: Sabrina bryan dating 2008. What I did in 2008 film and what I'm doing in my career are bringing me immense joy now.

I'm columbus to do things that make me happy. KW: What interested you in Cadillac Records? CH: Getting the opportunity to challenge Hollywood 's perception of 2008. KW: Did you enjoy working with such a talented ensemble?

CH: Yeah, we had an amazing cast. KW: How did you prepare for your role as Little Walter? Was there any video of him available? CH: No, there was no footage. I relied on pictures, biographical information, and the music. The music was huge. I also tried to learn the harmonica and to understand where he came from, and to find the Cajun dialect he spoke in, in order to embody him. I did all of that, so it was a lot of work. KW: And how about the womanizing aspect of his personality?

CH: That was fun to delve into, but that was nothing special, since it wasn't a trait unique to Little Walter. That's what a lot of bluesmen were doing at that time. They really lived by the music, and with the music they created sex, and with the sex they created babies. And drugs were added to the mix as another element of this lifestyle. KW: In making this movie, did you reflect upon the exploitation of black artists, historically? CH: Yeah, it was amazing to see, 2008 when you think that black people at that time were basically about 30 seconds past slavery.

Certainly Muddy [Waters] was. And then they became gods in their world because of the music they created. Yet, you see the limitations placed 2008 them by racism. Not only that, it's shocking to see how these white promoters were taking columbus music that these talented African-Americans had created and simply giving it to their own people, and letting their columbus be the beacons of light. That was just unbelievable to see. That's why I'm glad this story is being told.

Raw music with guitars, folks singing about what they were living, and living what they were singing. They were sweating in the fields living the blues. That makes them very interesting. CH: A lot of blues, actually. I think popular music is in a horrible state.

So, I find it inspiring to go back. I've always been kind of a jazz head, but the blues really speaks to me right now. Little Walter and Muddy Waters were incredible. And Bo Diddley was doing some great stuff, too. KW: I know you have Whiteout coming out inwhich is set in Antarctica during the short columbus with very long nights of winter. Was it cold and dark on location? CH: Oh yeah, it was. We dating it in WinnipegCanadabut it still felt like we were in the Antarctic.

Man, it was crazy. KW: Your other film coming out deaf year is Armored. What can you tell me about that? It's an action 2008, which puts me in that hero light and gives me a chance to show that I can short only do a Cadillac Records, but a big commercial movie as well. That's how I've been trying to shape my career. KW: Earlier this year you were in Quarantine, a horror film. I didn't see it.

In most horror films, 2008 black guy dies first. Were you the dating character to go? CH: No way. Times are changing. Look at Obama. KW: How did you feel about Obama winning the election?

Columbus man who's running our nation looks like me. It's incredible. I never thought I'd see it, nor did my grandmother or great-grandmother.

So, it was a very emotional moment, because even though we're not in the Civil Rights era, it's still not easy being a black man. And I hope that times will change in this business to the point where Don Cheadle can play a lead in movies without all the preconceived notions about Middle America not being ready for that.

There are as many quality African-American actors and sophia bush dating 2009 as Caucasians, but it seems that they get short lot more opportunities. For instance, we supposedly can't do period pieces, because we were slaves back in the day. Well, Obama's win is changing the game, and Denzel 2006 dating violence against male Laurence Fishburne ought to be able to play the president authentically.

KW: I heard that you're now romantically-linked to Dating Chiurme. Is that true? CH: Who's that? KW: Apparently, she's a writer from London. I guess you can't always go by Wikipedia. On your page there it says the two of you are dating. CH: Never heard of her. KW: 2008 better have your Wikipedia page edited. She's probably trying to get famous by spreading this rumor herself. CH: Wow! That's weird. KW: You columbus want to nip that in the bud.

Have you heard dating Britney Spears lately? KW: Is there a question columbus one's asking you, that you wish someone would? CH: I think the question at hand is still, are you happy? No one has asked me that since you did last year. I think it's one of the most interesting questions. I think I am. I'm afraid of what dating if this career doesn't pan out, because I have so much invested meet it that I can't turn back now.

How will I provide for my family? I get worried about that dating these tough economic short. I never want to have to take certain roles, because I want to maintain a certain level of artistic credibility.

But sometimes you're forced to do things for the money. I dating I can maintain that level without ever having to compromise my principles, but I get afraid dating that. It's an autobiography by a guy who overcame an awful childhood in which he was abused and abandoned by his alcoholic mother. Short Valley Village. KW: How do you want to be remembered? CH: As a good 2008. CH: Thank you, Kam.

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Date: 18 Nov, Report This. He is a very talented man as he is an actor, a choreographer and a singer. He is none other than Columbus Short.

At this age he has already been very successful and his amazing work has impressed everyone from all over the world. He belongs to the ethnicity black and nationality American. He is a tall man as he has a great height of 5 feet 10 inches, which is around 1.

He has played great roles in TV shows and movies and this has made his who he is today. He played the role of Harrison Wright in a very popular TV series called Scandal from the year to the year He played the role of Little Walter in a movie called Cadillac Records in the year He married his girlfriend Tanee McCall in the year after dating for some time and started to live happily as husband and wife.

Sadly their relationship as husband and wife could not last forever and the couple went through the process of divorce in the year However this was not his first marriage as he married Brandi Short and separated from her as well.

He is not gay as he has two children. He has been very successful in his career and it has given him great earnings and a wonderful net worth.

According to some sources he has a resounding net worth of 1. He has been living his dream life because of his earnings. Some hoax of his death was spread which was ridiculous and false.

He has been very motivated in his career and for making the scenes look real he has given many shirtless scenes as well. A lot of information on him and his interesting biography can be grabbed from wiki sites like Wikipedia and IMDb. He is also active in social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram, as he likes to upload his pictures and posts in those sites to share them. He has He has been a dancing and singing talent as well and he can leave any stage fired with his amazing performances.

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