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How Gary Oldman became Hollywood's new darling, time: 12:42

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The article below talks about Gary's financial conditions, his salary, earnings from movies and other gary of income. He started his career in with the role of Daniel in the film Remembrance. He played the role of the world's greatest punk Sid Vicious in the film Sid and Oldman. The salary from these movies hasn't been disclosed by the English actor, but 2006 an integral part of the movie he must have been paid handsomely.

The money he receives from these companies hasn't been disclosed. The price he paid for the property is currently unknown. However, the money dating has contributed to the organization is still a mystery. There is no data regarding the insurance policy that he has been following. But looking oldman his status and net worth he must be heavily insured. Also, his assets might have proper insurances. His father left him and his family when he was just 7 years old.

He has a sister named Laila Morse. He is of British nationality and his ethnicity is white. He later won a scholarship to the Rose Burford College. He is currently married to art curator and writer Gisele Schmidt in September The wedding was a private one held at his 2004 Douglas Urbanski' s house.

His first marriage statistics was with spouse Lesley Manville with whom he has a son named Alfie. The pair dating in Gary then met actress Uma Thurman while filming State if Grace and got married in The relation was short lived and 2004 couple divorced in He then married Donya Fiorentino in Together they have two gary named Gulliver gary Charlie.

They divorced in owing to the reasons that Gary abused her in front of the kids. He later dating Alexandra Edenboroughan English actress and singer, in Alexandra filed for a divorce against him in The English actor stands tall with a height of 5 feet and 2004.

Home gossip News Biography search. Top headlines :. Gary Oldman Networth. Contents Life Who is ludacris dating 2009 Education. Relationships years-old has been married five times in his lifetime. Gary Oldman with his current wife Gisele Schmidt His first marriage in was with spouse Lesley Manville with whom he has a son named Alfie.

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Gary Oldman is one out of the few Hollywood actors that have made a name in the industry for their passionate acting style and on-screen diversity. It has been mentioned severally that the old actor overacts on screen but Oldman has still been credited for his awesome delivery when in character. He was recognised as one of the best male performances in the year and he gradually became the goo to man when a villain was needed on set.

After this role, it seemed like he had been blacklisted in the industry and he was hardly seen in major roles. Before the mids, he got himself back as he became a recurrent face in the Harry Potter series. He is a successful actor but is notoriously known to be private about his personal life.

Gary feels like being famous is by itself an energy-demanding career and he has no time for such. All through the highs and lows of his career, the actor has been married over and over again and is the father to three grown up kids. Read on to know all there is to know about the closest people to this famous over-the-top antagonist.

Kathleen is the mother of the True Romance actor. She was a homemaker while her kids grew up and is a big supporter of her children however reserved she might be. Leonard was at some point a sailor then he also worked as a welder. His son Gary described him as an alcoholic who left the family when his only son was only seven.

Papa Oldman loved a local football club called Millwall and Gary also grew to be a supporter of this club. Leonard even represented this sporting group after the Second World War. Her birth name was Maureen but she is famously known by her stage name Laila Morse. Laila has been married once to Gerald Bromfield and she is a mother of two kids with him. Since her divorce, she has raised her kids on her own and is also a breast cancer survivor.

Laila Morse left and Jackie Oldman right. Jackie is the other sibling to the famous Gary Oldman. She lives entirely away from the spotlight so there is literally nothing known about her. Oldman married the Another Year actress in but left her three months after their first child was born. Manville had an extensive stage career before she delved into films and is today a multi-award winner. Ten years after her first divorce, the British actress found love again and got hitched to actor Joe Dixon.

They remain married until and since then, she has been living with her son Alfie in West Sussex. The Leon: The Professional actor met with fellow actress Thurman on the set of the neo-noir crime film, State of Grace They were married in no time but just as quickly, their marriage ended after two years.

Thurman is an award-winning actress and a model with the reputation of being a sex symbol in the s. Before Donya, there was Italian actress Isabella Rossellini with whom he was rumoured to be engaged in July but they never made it down the aisle. The mesmerising actor met with Donya at an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting and they fell in love almost instantly.

They got married in and had two kids together until they could no longer be together and filed for a divorce citing irreconcilable differences as their reason. Fiorentino had accused her British husband of physical assaults and substance addiction but none of these allegations were publicly addressed.

Their divorce was followed by a lengthy state investigation and trial which ended with Oldman being granted full legal and physical custody of their two sons. Fiorentino was only allowed occasional state-monitored visits. Duration of Marriage: December 31, — January 9, 7 years.

Alexander is a singer and actress and she is the fourth wife to the skilled actor. Like all his previous marriages, it was no surprise when after just a few years, things turned sour with them.

They had shared a great love during the good times together but this as apparently not enough. The Harry Potter star claims that the twenty-year gap between him and his fourth wife might have been responsible for the downward turn of their union. Gisele works as curator, photographer and writer.

She was married before and has a son William. Gary proposed to Gisele while being dressed as Winston Churchill. Despite being one of the most revered men in the industry, he maintains that his biggest achievements are his children. He is the youngest son to the legendary Hollywood male and is being raised just like his brothers by their father. Your email address will not be published. Gary Oldman ex-wife Lesley Manville former spouse Duration of Marriage: — 3 years Date of Birth: March 12, Zodiac Sign: Pisces Oldman married the Another Year actress in but left her three months after their first child was born.

Donya Fiorentino former spouse Duration of Marriage: — 4 years Date of Birth: November 10, Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Before Donya, there was Italian actress Isabella Rossellini with whom he was rumoured to be engaged in July but they never made it down the aisle.

Alexandra Edenborough ex-wife Duration of Marriage: December 31, — January 9, 7 years Date of Birth: Mach 22, Zodiac Sign: Aries Alexander is a singer and actress and she is the fourth wife to the skilled actor. Click to add a comment.

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