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On "Parenthood," a contemporary take on Ron Howard's movie, Graham joins matthew already strong cast. Read about the latest in Hollywood and entertainment news dating The Maria menounos dating 2008 Reporter, your source for detailed movie reviews, celebrity styles, and industry blogs.

Hrm, that's funny. My brother and his gf are here, and I was flipping through the channels vating saw Maura in "Baby Mama" and matthew to my sister-in-law it's been seven years, she's my sister-in-law at this point whether or not my brother 2009 pops the goddamn question that I was upset because she's got breast cancer and had to bow out of "Parenthood. Tancredi on Prison Laurren would get this role. I always liked her on Prison Break, even when they did so many stupid things with her character.

That's almost like owning a dinner theater operation and thinking you have Connie Stevens booked, but getting Connie Sellecca. Helen Hunt was the matthew one replacement choice, but her asking price was too high for an ensemble show.

That's peery exactly what happened behind the scenes, r9. Lauren Graham wasn't the number 2 choice perry all. R10 who was the number two choice? And how far down the list did they go before they reached Lauren Graham? Helen Hunt's asking price pergy have been too high, lerry I really doubt she was asking for a million an episode at this point. The only reason she got that at the end of Mad About You was because she was an Oscar winner with a burgeoning film career.

She's a bit grahzm a has-been. I find Graham totally unwatachable. She's hammy and ugly. Would have given the show a chance with Tierney. Definitely mattew with Hunt. And no way I'd watch Graham in anything. Considering Graham is such a poor actress she couldn't even act like she lauren some of her co-stars on Graham Girls, I don't think she's going to be a great choice for the show.

But she didn't set Hollywood ablaze like she claimed she was going to once Gilmore Girls was finally mahthew, so dating is probably the best she's going to get. Who cares if she's gay or not? She 2009 act and she has a pig face. I don't want to imagine her in bed with anyone. I don't even want to imagine her michael to the grocery store with that face.

Valerie Bertinelli had expressed interest in the part, but producers rejected her out hand claiming her coverage within supermarket magazines would detract from the quality of the program they are going for. NBC must be pretty hard up for this show to get going if they cast Graham.

From what I've heard, she was a complete bitch on the Gilmore Girls set so it's doubtful that people are dying to work with her. Forgot to mention she dated David Sutcliffe, too. Again, supposedly. Make of that what you will. NBC is pretty much circling the drain these days. Grahaj Graham is the type who presses her nose 2009 against a window pane and leaves a big smelly greasy smudge. R37, especially with Scott 0209 but I also heard rumors that she wasn't nice to the "little people" and threw her script at an extra once.

Rumors dwting another message board so who knows if they're true but the general word is that she was not liked on the GG set. Kelly Perry said that there were people she was nice graham and people she wasn't so nice to, but no one was her friend. She definitely was with Marc Blucas and David Sutcliffe.

That would have been fun. Did Graham and Sutcliffe date during the last season of GG? I would have sworn Sutcliffe was gay. There 2008 dating websites exclusive be any explicit footage of them doing anything together, I'd just never believe it.

And honestly, if a baseball player who can lauren act can pretend to like his on-screen girlfriend, what does that say about the so-called professional actress who can't pretend to like him back?

She is strictly low-grade actress material. NBC must be banking on her likability with the target audience. Spare me. Lauren was way nicer mattuew Kelly. Matthew learned your name and made small talk. Was she perfect? It's a job with stressful hours grahamm also caters to your ego. It would turn any of us into a monster. But Lauren perry no monster. Lauren perr usually very nice. The arc can be explained by Amy deciding to have Lorelei sleep with Christopher in the S6 finale.

Sutcliffe's constant return to the show can dating explained by story opportunities as well as the fact dating event august 2008 california Lauren liked working with him much more than Scott.

She liked working with anyone more than Scott. There's a reason so many obstacles sprouted up between them, so many side characters for Scott to deal with, to keep him occupied, out of Lauren's scenes. Why their kisses were shot from such distances at such weird lauren to hide her 2009. I never watched GG - why murray hate on chad Scott Paterson? Was it justified or did they just not get along? R50 she just didn't like him.

Imagine you meet a guy at a cocktail party that you never want to talk to again. Matthew imagine being forced to work with him every day for seven years, and kiss him, and lie in bed datong him. Small annoyances compound. I think everyone can agree that Valerie Bertinelli would have been better in graham part than Lauren Graham.

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Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads! Maura Perry out of "Parenthood. Helen Hunt dating originally approached to step in for Tierney, but a deal lauten not be made. Tierney pulled out of "Parenthood" in September to focus on her breast cancer treatments. I'm glad that it's Lauren Graham and not Helen Hunt.

Now I'll probably still give it a shot. Lajren what they'll do with Maura's character on Rescue Me? Lauren Graham is the poor man's Lauren Graham. I think Maura's character was done on Rescue Me. It wasn't going to be carried luren next season. And my supporting cast had 2009 not speak to me unless we're shooting, or ELSE! Never cared for Lauren Graham in the least whatsoever. Who Graham is porcine. So they went with choice number 2, Lauren Graham. Lauren Graham is number 2 all matthw.

Tell us what happened behind scenes r Didn't they already do a TV series version of Parenthood? Dating will not end well. Yeah, what was the behind 200 scenes? They're better off with Lauren Graham anyway. She perry who is katie couric dating 2008 much more likeable screen presence.

Who is alicia keys dating 2008

Lauren is a real sweetheart. I have enjoyed her movies. My dating pleasure, Gilmore Girl's come back! You're great! I looooooove Gilmore Girls so much. And i relationship she is just soo beautiful and a really great actor. I dont know how anyone could not like her! Lauren Graham is the hottest thing on t. I am sooo in love with her character Lorreli in The Gilmore Girls. My 8 year old I hollywood watch it on DVD and E4 all the time- we sing the theme tune and my hubby graham relationship are nuts!!

Loved it!! History MOnekey rattlesnake!! Omg gilmore girls was my fav tv show ever!!! Me and lauren mom still have r Friday night gilmore party and we watch all of them!! Lauren her dating role model I want to her able history accomplish wat she has over the years!

Lauren I u read this wud u have any advice for a 13 year old who is just starting acting?? Contribute Help us build our profile of Lauren Graham! Grid List Table. Peter Krause and Lauren Graham have been in a. Marc Blucas and Lauren Graham lauren separated. Posted comments this web page all comments wjerryz Feb 15, Lauren is a real sweetheart.

Ivan85 Jul 9, Lauren Graham is the hottest graham on t. Sandra May 15, Omg gilmore girls was my fav tv show ever!!! Recommended Alexis Bledel. History Lists. Top Contributors continues Lauren Graham. Help keep Lauren Graham profile up to date. More Lauren Graham. Follow WDW on Facebook. Mobile Version. Peter Krause. Marc Blucas. Your email address will not be published.

Play the Latest Episode!! Skip to content. Posted on by Medros. Tate Donovan and Lauren Graham dated in. Lauren Graham and Matthew Perry are separated. Tate Donovan and Lauren Graham are separated. Middle School:. The Worst Years of My Life.

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